New Delaware UMUIM Policy Limits


With an effective date of December 13, 2017, Governor Carney signed House Bill (HB) 114 into law raising bodily injury liability coverage for all new car insurance policies  the liability limits under Title 21 Delaware Code Section 2902 from $15,000 per person/$30,000 per collision to $25,000 per person/$50,000 per collision. For existing policies, the new law takes effect upon renewal.

If you’re at fault for a car accident in Delaware and another party (driver, passenger, pedestrian, etc.) is injured, the liability coverage on your car insurance policy kicks in and covers damages to the injured party up to the amount purchased. Under the new law, that amount is now $25,000 per person (max $50,000, for multiple parties).

By law,  the new law also effectively increases Uninsured/Underinsured minimum to coverage in Delaware to $25,000/$50,000. Under Title 18, Section 3902, UIM/UM coverage amounts must be in an amount no less than the bodily injury liability coverage amounts. In other words, the UIM/UM coverage amount equals the bodily injury liability coverage amounts, which are now $25,000/$50,000 effective December 13, 2017.

UM/UIM coverage protects Delaware residents when they are injured in car accidents where the other driver either doesn’t have enough coverage (underinsured) or isn’t covered at all (uninsured). When these types of car accidents happen, and they do happen quite often, an injured Delaware resident can make a UM/UIM claim under their own policy.

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