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  1. $1,245,000 recovery for a motorcyclist who sustained severe leg injuries, surgeries, and external fixator.
  2. $1,000,000. Recovery for the wrongful death of the plaintiff’s 33 year old son in a construction site roof fall.
  3. $1,000,000.  Auto collision resulting in back injuries and surgery.
  4. $900,000 recovery for a wastewater treatment facility worker when he fell 15 feet through an exposed hole in the floor, suffering neck fracture and surgery.
  5. $815,000 settlement in auto case with fractured pelvis and closed head injury.
  6. $650,000 recovery for a port worker suffering neck injury and surgery from a forklift fall.
  7. $575,000. recovery  for a 16 year old motor cross rider injured on a badly maintained track.
  8. $550,000. recovery for motorcyclist hit by car at inadequately protected highway construction site.
  9. $450,000 policy limits recovery for motorcyclist with a serious leg injury including surgery and external fixator.
  10. $450,000 limits recovery for a motorcyclist who sustained a concussion, brain bleed, multiple fractures from a driver who made a bad left turn in front of him.
  11. $435,000 recovery in auto crash resulting in back and neck injuries at the Port of Wilmington.
  12. $400,000 wrongful death of child in pool drowning.
  13. $400 limits recovery for pedestrian hit  with soft tissue back and neck and leg injuries.
  14. $360,000 commutation of workers compensation benefits for neck injury and surgery.
  15. $350,000 commutation in a workers compensation back injury and surgery.
  16. $300,000 policy limits recovery in an automobile pedestrian, wrongful death case.
  17. $265,000 recovery for motorcyclist sustaining broken pelvis when a driver made a bad left turn in front of him.
  18. $250,000 recovery for a leg injury sustained by a handicapped client when a DART paratransit driver failed to strap the client in properly, resulting in fall.
  19. $250,000 recovery for auto crash victim, low back surgery.
  20. $239,000 for the victim of a pedestrian road-side hit resulting in back surgery.
  21. $225,000. for 23 year old car crash victim sustaining aggravation  of pre-existing condition resulting in surgery.
  22.  $215,000. recovery for back injuries in auto collision.
  23.  $214,000 commutation of workers compensation claim for a back injury at Valero.
  24.  $180,000. PA  worker’s compensation compromise and release for injuries sustained by a female steel worker: wrist, elbow and  shoulder injuries.
  25.  $172,000 verdict against the Gold Club for client shot after bouncer instigated fight. (inadequate security) (45%comparative negligence).
  26. $195,000 recovery for dislocated shoulder and surgery from a fall over a man hole cover at Christiana Care.
  27. $160,000  PA worker ‘s compensation compromise and release for leg injury sustained by a steel worker.
  28. $150,000 verdict. Recovery for back injuries sustained from a fall on ice at Happy Harries.
  29. $100,000 binding arbitration award for facial injury sustained in an inadequate security case against the Rusty Rudder ($75,000. Offer).