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Motorcycle Accidents

Delaware motorcycle accident lawyersDelaware Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Motorcycle riders are entitled to the same rights as anyone else on the roads. The difference between motorcycles and other vehicles, though, is that in motorcycle crashes the rider of the bike is extremely susceptible to serious injury or even death. Without the protections afforded by a car or truck, the results are likely to be catastrophic. The motorcycle accident injury attorneys at Bove & Hedrick, located in Wilmington, Delaware, understands the unique challenges and dangers faced by motorcycle riders. As Attorney Beverly L. Bove is an avid motorcyclist she has personal experience with elements related to motorcycle accident lawsuits. In addition to riding a motorcycle, she is a lifetime member of, an organization dedicated to protecting the rights of motorcyclists. Our Delaware motorcycle accident lawyers truly care about the needs of motorcyclists.

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Lawyers Protecting the Rights of Motorcycle Riders

Drivers are obligated to act safely, follow the rules of the road and observe the rights of motorcycle riders. When they fail to do so, they should be held accountable for the damage their carelessness caused.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a motorcycle crash, Beverly L. Bove and Vince Hedrick are here to see that you get the compensation you deserve to cover medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages and other costs. We have more than 60 years of combined experience representing injured people.

We handle lawsuits arising from motorcycle crashes on a contingent fee basis. You only pay if we succeed.

Georgetown Delaware Motorcycle Injury Attorney Beverly L. Bove is not interested in taking an easy settlement if it is not fair and the amount does not adequately compensate you for your injuries. We do not look for shortcuts. We look for every possible opportunity to get you the compensation that is right for you. If that means taking your case to court and battling for your needs there, then we are perfectly ready to do so. We will fight for you.

Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Many factors can lead to a motorcycle accident, which often results in catastrophic injuries. The Wilmington Delaware motorcycle accident lawyers at our law offices understand what causes motorcycle accidents and we will make sure that all liable parties are held responsible. You deserve nothing less than full and fair compensation for your injuries according to Delaware motorcycle accident injury laws.

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury in a motorcycle accident, we can help determine the cause. Contact our Wilmington Delaware motorcycle accident lawyers or call 302-777-3500 for a free initial consultation.

We Will Investigate All Causes of Your Motorcycle Accident

All too often, people are quick to fault a motorcyclist for getting into an accident. However, other drivers have a legal duty to be aware of motorcycles and road crews must keep roadways clear of debris. As a biker herself, our lead attorney, Beverly L. Bove, understands all of the factors that can cause an accident, including:

  • Bad left turns in front of motorcycles
  • Failure to yield
  • Debris on highways
  • Debris in construction zones
  • Lane splitting
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Inattentive driving

If you’ve been in an accident with an uninsured motorist we can help. We can represent you in any case, including claims against uninsured motorists. From our Wilmington accident law offices, we will exhaust every possible cause to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve.

Do not trust your important case to inexperienced attorneys. We will put our combined 60 years of experience to work for you. When you hire us, we will work with a team of experts to investigate all aspects of your accident.

Delaware Motorcycle Injury Lawyers

After a Delaware motorcycle accident, the victim is often left wondering how to cover medical costs and the lost wages caused by serious injuries. Do not negotiate with the insurance company on your own. It is important to work with a team of lawyers with experience handling motorcycle accident cases involving traumatic injuries.

At Beverly L. Bove Attorney at Law, we have been helping clients throughout Delaware and Southeastern Pennsylvania obtain compensation for these injuries since 1986. Our Wilmington motorcycle injury attorneys, Beverly Bove and Vincent J. X. Hedrick II, have more than 60 combined years of experience. We will assess the full costs of your injuries and help you obtain the compensation you need. We also represent family members in wrongful death claims arising from fatal motorcycle accidents.

Call 302-777-3500 to schedule a free initial consultation. We will investigate your case, protect your interests and give you the personal attention you deserve.

Delaware Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Because motorcycles lack the safety protections available in cars, trucks and other four-wheeled motor vehicles, the injuries resulting from motorcycle accidents are often severe. Delaware law does not require motorcyclists to wear helmets, which can increase these catastrophic injuries.

The Middletown Delaware motorcycle accident lawyers at Ms. Bove’s law firm represent clients who have suffered motorcyclist injuries that include:

  • Head and neck injuries
  • Crushing injuries
  • Burn injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Amputations
  • Wrongful death and fatal injuries

Full Compensation For Your Injuries

Insurance companies rarely make a settlement offer that will compensate motorcycle accident victims for the full extent of their long-term injuries. We work with a team of experts to provide an accurate assessment of the total costs of our clients’ injuries, which helps us negotiate or litigate for full and fair compensation.

Motorcycle Accident Statistics

Regardless of the fact that motorcycles offer the most fuel-efficient mode of transportation, operating a motorcycle requires more skill and coordination that operating a car, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Because motorcycles provide little protection, riders should wear protective gear such as a helmet, eye protection, protective clothing, gloves and footwear. Motorcyclists in Delaware should remain constantly aware of their surroundings and learn to drive defensively to protect themselves from the cars and trucks around them. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that 80 percent of motorcycle accidents result in injury or death. Some injuries are more common than others. If you have been injured in a DE motorcycle accident please call our Delaware motorcycle accident lawyers for a free consult.

Because a motorcycle cannot stand upright on its own, most motorcycle accidents cause the motorcycle to fall over. Accidents happen so quickly that the rider’s leg remains underneath the motorcycle, resulting in a broken leg. Therefore, the Center for Neuro Skills reports broken leg as the most common injury for hospitalized motorcycle accident victims. Motorcycle accidents can also cause wrist and arm fractures as riders naturally react by trying to break their fall and catch themselves. Other common fractures resulting from motorcycle accidents include fractures of the shoulder and the pelvis.

Head injury, including traumatic brain injury, is the leading cause of death and disability in motorcycle accidents, according to the Oklahoma State Department of Health. Although wearing a helmet can reduce motorcycle accident deaths by 29 to 35 percent and the incidence of head injuries even more, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation, many states do not require the use of helmets. Although many avid motorcyclists fight against laws requiring helmets citing their need for independence, studies on helmet laws, motorcycle accidents and the resulting cost of medical care consistently find that wearing a helmet lowers the probability of sustaining a head injury, as reported by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Call Our Delaware Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Whether you were involved in a head-on collision on I-95, a DUI motorcycle accident on Route 13 or a motorcycle crash on any of the area’s streets or highways, we can help. Newark Delaware Motorcycle Accident Attorney Beverly L. Bove, Attorney at Law, is dedicated to fighting to get you the compensation you deserve.

To discuss your individual circumstances and your motorcycle accident case with our experienced Wilmington, Delaware motorcycle accident lawyers, e-mail us here, or call us at 302-777-3500 .

The Delaware motorcycle lawyers at our firm serve motorcycle accident victims throughout Delaware and Southeastern Pennsylvania. This includes Wilmington, Newark, Pike Creek, Hockessin, Brandywine, Fairfax, Talleyville, Kennett Square, Chester, West Chester, Coatesville, Media, Upper Darby, Malvern, Phoenixville, Avondale, Downingtown, Broomall, Bear. Glasgow, Middletown, Odessa, Smyrna, Townsend, Dover, Milford, Millsboro, Georgetown, Seaford, Laurel, Dagsboro, Lewes, Milton, Rehoboth Beach, Bethany Beach, Fenwick Island and Ocean View, Delaware.