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Delaware County

Delaware County Personal Injury Lawyers

Delaware County, Pennsylvania, which contains areas such as Media, Broomall and Upper Darby, is a suburb of Philadelphia. is a very congested and very populated place with just under 600,000 residents. In fact, it is the 5th most populated county in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania behind Philadelphia County, Allegheny County, Montgomery County and Bucks County. Lancaster County and Chester County are not very far behind with very comparable populations. No matter whether you live, work or go to school in Delaware County, PA there is a chance you can be injured during a typical day. In Delaware County you can be injured in an auto accident, slip and fall accident, animal attack, farming accident or construction accident. These accidents all occur due to the negligence of another. In each type of accident you may be entitled to benefits and financial compensation under Pennsylvania personal injury laws. With that, it behooves you to consult with, and retain, our Delaware County personal injury lawyers.

If you live, work or were injured in Delaware County, Pennsylvania please call the Delaware County personal injury lawyers at Beverly L. Bove Attorney at Law for a free consultation. Ms. Bove and her associates have extensive experience handling personal injury claims throughout all of Delaware County, Pennsylvania and Chester County, Pennsylvania.

Legal Services Provided

As the DelCo. injury lawyers at Ms. Bove’s office have a vast amount of experience handling all types of accident, auto accident, injury, personal injury and wrongful death cases we recommend reaching out to us no matter how you, or your loved one(s) were hurt. We are here to help if you need any of the following:

Delaware County personal injury lawyers

Delaware County Pennsylvania personal injury attorneys

Delaware County injury lawyers

Accident lawyers Delaware County, Pennsylvania

Auto accident lawyers Delaware County, PA

No matter what type of accident, car accident, auto accident, injury or personal injury lawyer you need please let our DelCo. injury lawyers help you through this very trying time.

Delaware County Auto Accidents

If you are in an auto accident anywhere in Delaware County, PA you need a lawyer. Contact Delaware County Auto Accident Lawyer Beverly L. BoveWith a tremendous amount of experience handling auto accident claims throughout Delaware County, Pennsylvania. Mr. Donze will do his best to recover and losses you suffer during the accident. Call him today and let him put his experience to work for you.

Where Delaware County Auto Accidents Occur

Delaware County, Pennsylvania has thousands of miles of surface streets, rural roads, state roads, highways and interstates. Serious car accidents, motorcycle accidents and commercial vehicle accidents happen on all of them on a daily basis. Some of these roadways are Interstate-95, Interstate-476, Route 3, Route 322, Route 452, Route 491, Route 52, Route 291, Route 252, Route 1, Route 13, Route 320, Route 30, Route 202 and Baltimore Pike.

Delaware County, Pennsylvania ranks among the top ten counties with the highest volume of traffic accidents per mile according to a 2014 PennDOT report. Most of these accident occur on I-95 as it has an accident rate throughout the Commonwealth of one accident per mile. As you can see auto accidents are very common in the Delaware County, Pennsylvania area as well as the Chester County, Pennsylvania area. Let our Delaware County auto accident lawyers help you get the benefits and financial compensation you deserve for your injuries, lost wages, medical expenses, pain and suffering. Call today for a free initial consultation.

Steps To Take After A Delaware County Car Accident

Following an automobile accident in Delaware County, Pennsylvania you should seek medical attention immediately no matter how minor or insignificant your injuries seem. In addition, if possible it is a good idea to take pictures of the accident scene, your vehicle, the other vehicle or vehicles involved in the accident. It is also advisable to exchange insurance and contact information with the person who hit you. From there it is important to consult with a skilled, experienced and qualified Delaware County, Pennsylvania auto accident lawyer.

How Our Delaware County Accident Attorneys Can Help You

Delaware County, PA Personal Injury Attorney Beverly L. Bove has many years experience competently and successfully handling Pennsylvania personal injury claims, auto accident claims and wrongful death claims. As your auto accident attorney she will determine the true and total value of your claim by considering factors such as lost wages, current medical expenses, future medical expenses, therapy and medication costs and, if applicable, loss of use compensation. With Ms. Bove working on your behalf you will get the full, fair and just compensation for your injuries. This will enable you to recover not only physically but will also serve to keep your emotional and psychological stress levels to a minimum which will allow help your physical healing process.

Contact Our Delaware County Personal Injury Lawyers

Delaware County, Pennsylvania Injury Lawyer Beverly L. Bove has more than 30 years experience handling those suffering from injuries due to another’s negligence. Ms. Bove and her staff have the knowledge & experience to review pertinent medical records in an effort to help determine the true monetary value of your claim. To best serve you and your case Ms Bove will collaborate with doctors, nurses & medical experts to demonstrate the full extent of your injuries. Contact Delaware County Accident Attorney Beverly L. Bove for a free case review. She charges no legal fees unless she recovers on your behalf.

In Delaware County, Pennsylvania Ms. Bove serves the entire county including the following areas: Coatesville, Exton, Downingtown, Media, Upper Darby, Chester, Broomall, Springfield, Lima, Radnor, Wayne, Swarthmore, Prospect Park, Ridley Park, Elwyn, Marcus Hook, Lansdowne, East Lansdowne and Villanova. She also serves Chester County, Pennsylvania, New Castle County, Delaware, Kent County, Delaware and Sussex County Delaware.