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New Castle County

New Castle County Personal Injury Lawyers

Injuries happen all the time in New Castle County, Delaware. Due to it being the largest county in Delaware in terms of population there is a higher risk of being injured in an accident of some sort than in lesser congested parts of Delaware. New Castle County, Delaware has a major city and many suburbs. The city of Wilmington is home to many Delawareans, businesses and workers. In Newark, Delaware there are also many businesses, residents as well as the University of Delaware main campus. The amount of people, automobiles, residences and businesses means that there is always a chance of sustaining an injury during a typical day in New Castle County, Delaware. Working with a New Castle County, Delaware Injury Lawyer is a good idea as that gives you the best chance of getting the benefits and compensation you deserve.

If you have been injured while in New Castle County, Delaware it is in your best interest to call New Castle County Personal Injury Lawyer Beverly L. Bove at (302) 777-3500. Or, email Ms. Bove here. With many years handling all types of personal injury and bodily cases in New Castle County, Delaware she has the experience and expertise to get you any and all compensation you are entitled to. Contact here Wilmington, Delaware accident la firm to schedule a free consultation.

Accidents That Can Cause Injury In New Castle County Delaware

Auto Accidents

Slips And Falls

Animal Attacks

Workplace Accidents


Injuries Commonly Sustained In New Castle County Delaware

Soft Tissue Injuries

Head And Brain Injuries

Neck Injuries

Back Injuries

Muscle Injuries

Fractured Bone Injuries

What To Do Following A New Castle County Injury

In the unfortunate event that you are injured due to another’s negligence there are a number of issues and concerns you may have that you did not have prior to being injured. Some of these concerns may have to do with your financial security as you may be faced with medical bills, lost income and physical discomfort. There are also steps you should take after the injury to protect yourself:

1. Immediately after the injury you should seek medical care, even if you feel fine. Some injuries do not show any symptoms until well after the accident.

2. Document how the injury happened, when, where and take any pictures of the accident scene if possible.

3. Consult with a skilled New Castle County, Delaware personal injury lawyer.

Contact A New Castle County Personal Injury Law Firm

If your have been injured due to the negligence or carelessness of another in New Castle County please contact New Castle County Personal Injury Lawyer Beverly L. Bove at (302) 777-3500. Ms. Bove can also be reached via email by clicking here. Call today to schedule a free consultation with a New Castle County Delaware personal injury attorney.

The New Castle County personal injury lawyers at Ms. Bove law office handle all types of accident, auto accident, personal injury and workers’ compensation lawsuit claims in New Castle County, Delaware including: Wilmington, Brandywine, Fairfax, Talleyville, New Castle, Newark, Bear, Glasgow, Claymont, Pike Creek, Hockessin, Bear, Glasgow, Middletown, Odessa and Townsend.